Analysis – Members of Indian Parliament

This Article is an analysis of the intellectual and less focused side of the Members of Indian Parliament.

Channel number 261 has a very distinct viewership cycle. The graph goes high once in every Indian Season. It has no commercial ads. It  personifies the true power of Indian democracy. There are 545 heroes and heroines. Its none other than the Loksabha Channel (Parliament Channel).

Today I happened to witness an interesting debate on ‘Compulsory Education Bill’ on the Loksabha Channel. It was discussed for 2 days continuously. In the process it brought out the  intellectual side of some our MPs. It may not have been the best but it certainly was a classic example of how democracy give opportunity for everyone and how consensus is built upon large number of section of people. At the end of the day all the clauses were debated and amendments were proposed. Exch of the MPs were had their share of views with their local problems. Even with the latest technology the bill was passed with “Ayees” and “Noos”. It was a timid end for a bill which could possibly increase the talent pool of the nation. The discussions was held between members from different religions and culture. Men had worn their traditional attire and women were surrounded by their cultural aura. But the issue they debated were no less in magnitude. An average Indian MP is one of the least expected personalities to contribute to the democracy.

Nevertheless technology has brought in a lot of openness into the system. MPs are more responsible in front of the nation. Most of them do have the talent to always give a good fight  in a debate.Its the hidden talent one has to discover. Change in their psychology is the need of the hour.The veterans  bring in a lot of respect whenever they talk. They have seen the worst of problems and discussed the best of solutions. They posses large wisdom and are intellectuals in their own field. They truly encompass the powers of Indian democracy.

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